WHO WE ARE?Young, proactive lawyers.

How we work?We are watching the law different.

We do it differently. That is why we are so successful. We are not following old models. We review every aspect of laws and rights before we apply them, and we try to adapt them to the interests of our clients. We have a modern and progressive approach to law, our practice and the way our office provides legal services. We believe that every law can be adapted to the justice, fairness, and interests of our clients, and in that sense we constantly examine the basics and boundaries of law and law.

Our goal is that our clients come to us and never leave, as an act of their satisfaction.


What we do?Legal and human support.

Whether it is a sensitive business transaction or a complex battle in the courtroom, we will be there with you. You can count on the uncomparated attention of the team that values quality before profit and which is dedicated to your case.

This year

MEET US…Our team.

You can trust us. You can entrust us with your worries and problems.

LAWYERSrdjan Vidovic

Srdjan Vidovic is the founder of law office “Vidovic”. During his professional career, he advocated and advised numerous domestic and international clients in various fields of law.


ASSOCIATEKristina Andjelkovic

Kristina Andjelkovic is an associate in the law office “Vidovic”. During her professional career, Kristina dealt with various areas of law, especially with corporate law, labor law and real estate rights.

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